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Centralized Research Facilities: CSRD

People's Group's Centre for Scientific Research and Development is the research wing and the academic arm of People's College of Medical Science and its associated People's Hospital. It encompasses the translational, clinical, and community research efforts of the institution. The overall goal of research at CSRD is to solve the puzzles of diseases that affect humanity at large. We aim to get positive outcomes through community health programs, clinical trials and experimental therapeutics. The centre was inaugurated by then The President of India, Hon'ble.Shrimati Pratibha Devi Singh Patil.
The time preceding the foundation of the center coincides with the impetuous growth of the biotechnology and extensive spreading of the concepts and methods of genetic engineering in India. At present time we are at turning point in terms of globalization. Biotechnology, Genetics & Molecular Biology is in a phase of evolution, and research at CSRD is linked directly to this development. However, a balance between technical advancement and harmony with humanity and environment is of utmost importance. We at CSRD are determined to contribute to the well-being of the country community by working to transmit the intellectual wisdom of human society, eradicating genetic diseases, helping to create a safe global environment, and contributing knowledge and expertise that will be of use to future generations.
Perhaps one of the most innovative and forward-thinking aspects of the research programs at CSRD is cross-disciplinary integration. There are extensive interactions between nearly all laboratories and clinical areas, facilitated by the high concentration of physician/scientists, and the physical proximity of research space and patient care units. This has led to substantial strength in translational medicine, such as the application of the most modern microarray approaches to patient diagnosis and monitoring. The emphasis of the Center is on translational research (bench-to-bedside), and on emerging technologies. The Center houses an independent computing infrastructure and support personnel, and extensive equipment for data generation apart from the state of the art research labs. The center's activities have been focused on three major areas to begin with.  In each division a strong emphasis is placed on a highly innovative and pioneering research & investigation in the fields of both basic and applied biology.
  • Center for Human Genetics Research 
  • Center for Molecular Biochemical Research
  • Center for Molecular Biotechnology Research
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