Section under which nominated Name of the nominee Designation & Institute
6(3) a Vice-Chancellor, Dr. V.K. Pandya, Chairperson Vice-Chancellor, People’s University
6(3) b SJPN Representative Mr. Naveen Vijaywargia Chief Finance & Accounts Officer, People’s Group
SJPN Representative Mr. M.D. Nair Chief  Law Officer, People’s Group
6(3) c State Govt. Nominee Dr. Charu Saxena A.K Hospital, Bhopal
State Govt. Nominee Shri Chetan Singh Chandbad, Bhopal
6(3) d Principal/Sr. most Professor Dr. Harish Rao HOD- Orthopedics, PCMS&RC
Principal/Sr.  most Professor Dr. Shubhangi Mhaske HOD-Oral Pathology & Microbiology, PDA
6(3) e Senior most teacher Mr. Sumit Narang Dean, PDA
Senior most teacher Dr. Neeraj Upamanyu Professor, SOP&R, People’s University
6(3) f Registrar, Member Secretary Dr. Neerja Mallick Registrar, People’s University